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Thread: Stubby trailer receiver ball

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    Stubby trailer receiver ball

    I have entirely too many trailers it seems. And just when I think I have the correct receiver for which ever trailer I want to pull I discover that I didn't or the one I wanted was on another truck many miles away.
    While getting ready to load my little double crane trailer today for a trip back out to the house I find that the light cord was too short if I used my pintle / ball hitch in the upper receiver on my 1 ton. ir was a bit too short even if I placed the unit in the lower location also way too low for my liking. the cord is perfectly suited on my other pickup but it was 200 miles away.
    not wanting to go buy a stubby receiver even if I could find one like I wanted I decided what the hay it only takes a few minutes to make one anyway.
    So I dug around in the ever shrinking pile of usable stock materials and found what I needed. A 7 inch long piece of 2x2x 1/4" sq tubing and a short chunk of 3/4 x 2 flar bar to make this
    Stubby trailer receiver ball-20161110_110214t.jpg
    Stubby trailer receiver ball-20161110_111924t.jpg
    as you probably can see if I was to use the pintle ball hitch it would either be too low in the bottom location or would stick out so far in the top that my cord would not be long enough I could have rewired the trailer with a longer cord but that would have taken longer than making a new receiver
    Stubby trailer receiver ball-20161110_111837t.jpg
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