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Thread: Suburban+minivan top drive hunting vehicle - photos

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    Suburban+minivan top drive hunting vehicle - photos

    Suburban+minivan top drive hunting vehicle.


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    Bet you can't make those Ford parts work on your Chevy. "Here hold my beer"
    That is the only way I can see that happening. Being as it is just sooo wrong!
    From the time you're born till' you ride in a hearse, there's nothing so bad it couldn't be worse!

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    Darn, I think they ruined the collector's value... in both vehicles. Is it licensed as a Ford or a Chevy? Does that make it a Chord? I'd be interested to know what the Suburban's interior space is used for... looks like they put an extension on the back.

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    When I looked for more info I found this. My favorite is the Duck Truck.

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    It just goes to show that avid or addicted hunters will go to any extreme for a hunting rig or their gear.
    Sometime back in the early 1990s I built a fold down hunting rack mounted atop of a suburban when the sides were folded down up could use the rack as a ladder rack or to haul stuff on. I extended the front bumper out and made the grill guard so it could fold down to an angle to push light brush out of the way and there were mounting sockets in the top plate of the bumper where seats could be mounted there were even the obligatory seat belts sockets were in the upper rack as well and a stowed away driving console could be attached above with a shaft that extended down through the roof to steer it with a cable set up for brakes throttle and shifting was in a sheathed cluster that needed to be attached by lynch pins at the proper places Crude but got the job done "MOSTLY" The guy who owned it used it to hunt hogs in south west Texas. He and a bunch of his buddies got all beered up one night and drove it into a pond I guess they thought that maybe I had made it amphibious as well

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