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Thread: tail stock quill pin repair

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    tail stock quill pin repair

    the drive pin that prevents the quill from rotating in my tailstock has been getting aggravatingly looser and looser.
    Time was when a tap of a hammer would keep the tapered pin in place for months at a time
    but it eventually got to the point of having to use a snap clamp to hold it in place but that would slip off the rounded surfaces
    today I decided it ends now.
    i removed the tail stock and laid it on its side drilled and tapped for 3/8-16 made a holding plate out of the drop that was all that was left out of a 6 ft. stick of 1 1/4 x 3/16' cold roll flat bar after sawing up some parts today.
    tail stock quill pin repair-img_20211004_171636lk.jpg
    tail stock quill pin repair-img_20211004_172848lk.jpg
    tail stock quill pin repair-img_20211004_174046lk.jpg

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    Thanks Frank S! We've added your Tailstock Quill Pin Repair to our Lathes category,
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