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Thread: Tail vice timesaver: bench planing accessory

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    Tail vice timesaver: bench planing accessory

    Tail vice timesaver: bench planing accessory-0c8df325-7419-4aef-b474-b5d88955ca2a.jpg
    My bench is 6í long but the workshop is only 8í long! So I am a bit restricted for movement when using the tail vice. Also, whenever I want to plane something on the bench between the dog and the tail stock, I seem to have to wind it almost the whole length back or forwards from the last setting, just the same with sash clamps - and how often it seems that once you have wound it, itís still short!
    Tail vice timesaver: bench planing accessory-1e8667f6-d9e0-4c6b-b227-9c9a44c12c22.jpg
    So this is a semipermanent bench planing accessory, and you can see that I can remove the plated screw to slide the stop forwards or back to one of 3 holes in the tail vice below. This is a lot quicker than winding the screw, especially as it is stiff and encumbered by a nail box and other stuff on top of a cupboard below. There are two steel pins in the bench which run in the planing stopís slots and there is a lip below the bench top to stop it rising under pressure.
    Tail vice timesaver: bench planing accessory-cb2666de-db72-4a89-88bc-73ef03084870.jpg
    Hope this is of interest.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tail vice timesaver: bench planing accessory-52147dd9-f453-415e-bfc6-380c5c204e7d.jpg  

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