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Thread: Tailgate ladder - video

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank S View Post
    The key to not needing a ladder to get into the bed of a pickup is to not jack them up with lift kits
    Nope. It's to avoid getting old! I've had bad knees since I was 19. Had my first hip replacement at age 54, second at age 59. I'm hoping I won't have to have either of those done again, but the knees are still bad, and I've been getting more pain in the right knee just this week. My truck has the heavy-duty towing package, and is otherwise quite stock. I still, and have always, as long as I've owned it, had trouble getting in and out of the bed. Eleven years this past April.


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    Philco, you're spot on about high rise showmobiles...and they're clean as a whistle underneath...and the beds are shiny, and add to that 20" (and larger wheels)...and the headlights 'should be'
    adjusted to suit, but the vertical adj can't go that far. They are illegal in AUS, because the regs are tight on level of lights (for the exact reason to prevent blinding) and enforced with the annual rego check. The coppers LOVE to pull these sorts over and issue infringements with requirement to return to an engineered height. If they raise back up, they run the risk of being identified as a previously ticketed offender and get busted again by the number plate recognition cameras in every patrol car...makes life better for the many...cheers

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