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Thread: Tig welding cart mobility improvement.

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    Tig welding cart mobility improvement.


    These are very usual tig welding carts in Finland.
    Tig welding cart mobility improvement.-fb_img_1478023406884.jpg
    Good... but when you need to move it more than couple meters, its desing turns to be very annoying.
    You need to tilt it, and hold the weight in your arms, when equipped with shieldgas bottle, its quite heavy..
    Things get worse if there's something on the floor, it wobbles and... you know.

    I made this simple fix.

    Extra wheels.
    Tig welding cart mobility improvement.-fb_img_1478023430129.jpg

    When you tilt the cart.
    Extra wheels takes the weight, and it comes much easier to move.

    Tig welding cart mobility improvement.-fb_img_1478023423346.jpg

    After moving you can tilt it back to its original position, and it stands sturdy against the floor.

    Tig welding cart mobility improvement.-fb_img_1478023415451.jpg

    No more wobbling, no weight to carry... 😊

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