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Thread: Tire ply peeling - GIF

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    What do they use the plies for? It looks like the tire casing is cut, so they can't be doing retreads.

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    Crazy. Amazing actually. Do they heat it first?

    I've done a number of conveyor belt hot splices (like 72" belt that's well over a kilometer long) that required separating the plies of rubber. But I'm with Elizabeth on this, why in the hell would you ever need to do that to pieces of a tire? I just don't understand what this could possibly be used for.

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    I'll attempt to shed some light on this subject as dim as my light may be,
    First as we can see they have removed the beads from the tire this would be the first step in recycling the next steps would be to remove the textiles and or the steel belts if there are any leaving the rubber compound of the carcass to be recycled. The textiles can be used as they are after being ripped from the tire in several products. One of which would be to cut them up into shapes to be used as vulcanizing boots for tire repairs. another would be to layer them together into mats or use them as roofing patches. The ingenuity or persons in 3 rd world countries even in developing and emerging countries has no bounds, and even fewer useless government restrictions.
    the steel belts can be separated from any remaining rubber with fire the belts are made of a very high quality steel.

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