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Thread: A tool for all. A magnet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nova_robotics View Post
    A good buddy of mine had a splinter of metal in his eye. The doctor drilled in around it with this little spring-like thing, and plucked the whole affected region out. The splinter went, but some eye meat went with it. It worked. He's fine now. But that story gave me nightmares.
    me too..........

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    I bought a first aid kit for my welding rig many years ago at a welding supply of all places. In the kit there was a little tool for plucking foreign objects out of your eyes.
    One end of the tool was a loop of monofilament fishing line you used to flick at the offending particle to dislodge it so it could be flushed away. the other end was a stainless steel magnet not very strong but usually strong enough to lift any particle away from the surface that wasn't embedded.
    Die grinders with burr files and milling machines have always been my nemesis. It seems that when wearing both safety glasses and a face shield is when I am most likely to get particles flung into my eyes.
    Fortunately in my 55+ years of working around things that can get into my eyes I have only once been to an ER to have something removed.
    the folded corner of a dollar bill does a great job of lifting and removing most objects for me and an eye wash cup with saline works wonders as well.
    Be safe with your eyes your only have 2 of them and they are not replaceable
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank S View Post
    the folded corner of a dollar bill does a great job
    That's a big nope from me. Money is insanely disgusting. My cokehead sister even stopped using using bills years ago because apparently putting them up your nose is a good way to get Hep-C. I read a study years ago and basically every bill they tested came back positive for feces. All the other communicable diseases aside, I don't want someone else's dookie in my in my eyes.

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