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Thread: tool van trailer

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    Frank S's Tools

    tool van trailer

    Knowing I was planning on moving I needed a van trailer for some of my tools and bolt inventory
    I bought this van body at an auction then built a chassis to put under it so it could be rolled around when needed.
    tool van trailer-e528a613-ef17-4946-ba7d-52d1.jpg tool van trailer-a36c49c3-8ef8-4506-b1dd-e728.jpg

    tool van trailer-9e48a136-c12f-4977-8608-6c58.jpg tool van trailer-8bf74c2b-e1b6-4a2c-b2bb-0a0a.jpg
    tool van trailer-20161030_171658.jpgdd.jpg
    Some of the stuff that got packed inside
    tool van trailer-2f757607-00f7-4b15-97bd-b920.jpg tool van trailer-e5b357bc-5636-4d46-8686-56ec.jpg
    tool van trailer-f7be9a9c-1511-4245-ab46-9b55.jpg
    Packed floor to ceiling front to back SO full it was impossible to get a picture of everything

    tool van trailer-20171012_143845.jpgab1.jpg
    first load removed
    tool van trailer-t-van-3.jpg
    2nd load removed
    tool van trailer-t-van-4.jpg
    3rd load removed
    tool van trailer-t-van-5.jpg
    can get an idea o fwhat is left to remove before I can even get to the tools bolts and parts inventory
    tool van trailer-t-van-6.jpg
    tool van trailer-t-van-7.jpg
    Yes there is a 26 inch swing Leblond hiding in there

    tool van trailer-t-van-9.jpg
    my snapon tool box.
    tool van trailer-t-van-10.jpg

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    Thanks Frank S! We've added your Tool Van Trailer to our Trailers and Towing category,
    as well as to your builder page: Frank S's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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