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Thread: Tortilla making machine - GIF

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    Tortilla making machine - GIF

    Tortilla making machine.


    Tortilla rolling machine - GIF
    Compact tortilla machine - GIF
    Tortilla making machine

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    WOW, so many issues here. Looks like the conveyors haven't been cleaned in weeks / months, open gears / chains, open to the outside as seen in the background, every part of the machine you can see is covered with "crumbs" and just overall grimy, there's a bowl of something sitting on the other machine and a cloth blanket hanging on it, guy in the back is wearing a watch and no hair net, no gloves (hand washing??? I don't think so!), there's a board and milk crate and something else sitting on top of a hopper in the first few frames, rags and a backpack sitting on top of the other machine, grease gun (bet it's not food grade either!) hanging on water spigot, open bag of masa sitting on the stool in the corner and floor at the end of the machine is dirty. Other than that looks good! All that being said, I bet the tortillas are awesome! Not sure I'd risk the foodborne illness(es) that would go along with them though...

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    In the printing world a poor printer keeps his hands clean but the job gets filthy. a good printer gets filthy but the job remains pristine.

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