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Thread: Transmission jack repair

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    Transmission jack repair

    I pulled my first automatic transmission on a jack exactly like this one back in the 60s
    Sometime in the late 70s I found this one in a pawn shop not far from where I had lived, the top plate had been modified by welding a piece of scrap plat on it. Now I'm not even going to speculate that it was the same jack my dad had that didn't matter to me when I bought it I bought it because I needed one and this one was cheap Along in the early 90s I rented out a section of my shop to a mechanic he needed a transmission jack so I gave it to him he died about 6 or 7 years ago and I got the jack back it wasn't working. I pulled a transmission out of a Dodge a couple weeks back using my big jack but there is too little room under the truck for it so I decided to see if I could repair or rebuild this one.
    I contacted the Blackhawk people to try and get a kit for the bottle jack Circa 65-75 750lb cap.
    Well that is a really old jack we might have a replacement bottle you can adapt to it but is you just need a kit the numbers you gave us have been superseded by these numbers which have been consolidated to this number does your jack have a 10 mm pump of a 3/8" pump?
    The jack was made in the USA back probably in either the mid to late 60s or early 70s which would you think it would have I told him.
    I think I have found the kit you need and you can return it as long as it is unopened.
    Like I will be able to tell if everything fits without opening it I said just send me the kit I'll take my chances
    Well I'm fairly confident it will work the piston bore matches and the pump matches but you may have to use your old springs because your jack used 2 springs with a large and a small seat ball the kit has 3 springs and 3 seat balls in it
    A week later the kit arrives. The pump stem is short by .625, other than the springs the rest is just fine
    Transmission jack repair-wp_20200528_19_13_01_richjk.jpg

    Transmission jack repair-wp_20200529_17_54_53_richtj.jpg

    Transmission jack repair-wp_20200529_18_17_29_richtj.jpg
    The color of the week is KBS stainless steel top coat because I had it on hand
    Transmission jack repair-wp_20200529_18_26_11_richtj.jpg

    Transmission jack repair-wp_20200529_18_27_28_richtj.jpg
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