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Thread: Tree cutter falls after being knocked off by cut branch - GIF

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    It's one thing to let yourself get knocked from a tree, but to fall on a downed log (making it bounce) has gotta hurt.

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    I sincerely feel for that guy and hope he is ok or has recovered well. I fell out of a tree five years ago while hunting and messed myself up pretty bad. It is not fun having to learn to walk again at 42 years of age.

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    It looks like this is either the homeowner, or other flavor of non-professional, wearing shorts, but no shirt/climbing harness/flip-line/spurs, or helmet. There's a WHOLE LOT of physics intelligence/experience needed to survive as a tree trimmer. In my early 20's I invested in the gear with the aim of following that line of work... after doing a few jobs, I determined that having a rapidly moving saw chain at neck/head level while topping trees was NOT my cup of tea. I really hope this fellow comes out alright, but his head dropped at least 20' to 24', and to land on your back on a downed log, it would be a miracle if he survived without major injuries, and that's not even considering the head injuries from the initial head-smack of the falling trunk. Don't try to save a few bucks doing your own tree work if you don't know what you're doing.

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    No safety gears: Harness belt and helmet.

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