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Thread: Tubing flaring tool - GIF

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    Tubing flaring tool - GIF

    Tubing flaring tool.


    Flaring a large pipe - GIF
    Pipe tee flaring tool - GIF
    Tube flaring bit - GIF
    Tube flaring pliers - photo

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    I purchased one of these Yellow Jacket brand flaring tools (model 60278) last year. I thought it would make good flares for mini split installs. It makes nice flares, BUT it's difficult to use. There are split dies, that are rotated for the OD of the copper tubing. These are missing detents to hold them in place, so will rotate off and make it difficult to get the tubing set and at the right height. There's a height gauge that when you close the clamp, it retracts. You need to make sure you hold it together so the tubing does not move. Once it's clamped, rotating the eccentric cone, makes a nice smooth flare.
    For the price ($150) I'm not impressed by what I consider difficult use.

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    I probably have a dozen different flaring tools most are all well-known brands. some are 45 but most are 37 single flare inverted double flare. some specifically copper or aluminum only others steel fuel lines/ brake lines and Stainless-steel hydraulic tubing.
    None are perfect for every job
    here are a few of the ones I use more frequently
    the one in the blue plastic box is an Imperial Eastman the other 2 are Ridgid
    Tubing flaring tool - GIF-img_20221203_204535ft.jpg

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