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Thread: USS Shenandoah airship - photo

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    USS Shenandoah airship - photo

    USS Shenandoah airship moored to the oiler USS Patoka, c. 1924. The Shenandoah was the first of four rigid airships commissioned by the US Navy. In 1925, the airship crashed during a thunderstorm near Caldwell, Ohio.

    Fullsize image:


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    Very nice photograph - Thank You.

    After World War I the United States Navy began a rigid airship program,
    resulting in the construction of FIVE vessels, one of which is less well known.

    ZR-1 - USS Shendandoah; built at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, New Jersey;
    completed in September, 1923; Broke up in a storm over Ava, Ohio,
    on 3 September, 1925; 14 lives lost of the 43 aboard.

    ZR-2 - R-38; a British-built airship; completed 1921; Broke up during trials over
    Hull, crashed in the Humber estuary on 24 August, 1921; 44 lives lost of
    the 49 aboard (16 U.S. Navy personnel lost out of 17 aboard).

    ZR-3 - USS Los Angeles; the German LZ-126, built at Friedrichshafen, Germany as
    war reparations; completed 1924; Scrapped by U. S. Navy in 1939.

    ZRS-4 - USS Akron; built by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation, Akron, Ohio;
    completed August, 1931; Broke up in a storm off Barnegat, New Jersey,
    4 April, 1933; 73 lives lost of the 76 on board.

    ZRS-5 - USS Macon; built by the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation, Akron, Ohio;
    completed 1933; Broke up in a storm off Point Sur, California,
    12 February, 1935; 2 lives lost of the 83 on board.

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