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Thread: various bits

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    various bits

    few bits various bits-tools-003.jpgvarious bits-tools-004.jpgvarious bits-tools-005.jpgvarious bits-tools-002.jpgvarious bits-tools-006.jpgive done recently

    1 is welding clamp i extended whilst welding at mates only thing i had to hand was some rusty 1/2" box section he ad lying around.

    2, is homemade clamp i made for one of job that needed length and it ws sunday.

    3 are some jigs i made when welding up some frames that have been used numeros times since to hold things square.

    4 is just adjustable light fitted to side of roll cab to throw more light on things on bench.

    5 is a bike stand i built using old exercise bike frame, tray is part of old rear door liner from my old landy, added drink bottle holder to hold spray cans, clamp is old bent one modded to hold frame

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    Thanks naughtyboy! I've added your various tools to our Welding and (in the case of the Bike Stand) Miscellaneous categories, as well as to your builder page: naughtyboy's Homemade Tools. Your receipts:

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