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Thread: Vessel tourist attraction - photo

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    Vessel tourist attraction - photo

    The Vessel is a 16-storey tourist attraction in New York City's Hudson Yards. Following a string of suicides, the structure was indefinitely closed to the public in June 2021.


    Firefighter snatches suicide jumper mid-air - GIF
    Euthanasia coaster - photos

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    Reminds me of the atrium of an academic building I know only too well, thus far we haven't had any jumpers inside of it, but we have off the top outside of several others, currently Helium asphyxiation is the most common method of student suicide choice here beyond deliberate overdose, though most of those are considered 'cries for help' that didn't get antidote soon enough.

    Talking of 'vessels' and suicide a life long friend on our youngest hung himself on a Carnival cruise liner last week, he'd have been 25 yesterday, his parents flew to Miami to start the repatriation process etc Tuesday, there but for the grace, as 10 years ago I talked my eldest out of jumping over the side into the cold waters of the English Channel because his Captain was such a C u next tuesday to him. I just wish I could get " Always Look on the Bright Side of Life " and the original 'MASH' theme song to stop playing in my head everytime I think about it.

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