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Thread: Vice Grips Slide Hammer

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    Vice Grips Slide Hammer

    Here's a little slide hammer I knocked up out of scrap materials. Useful for pulling pins, dowels, etc., especially in cases where a dowel is in a blind hole.

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    Thanks brianhw! We've added your Vise Grip Slide Hammer to our Hammers category,
    as well as to your builder page: brianhw's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    What a great idea, this kind of improvisation is right up my street, didn't even modify the grips and all out of the scrap bin.
    I do like like your straight to the point videos.
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    Thanks, olderdan, for positive comment. Glad you like my videos - I try to present them as I would want to see them presented to me - no music or frills !

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    Excellent idea and very useful addition to vise grip. Thanks for sharing. The same principle as blind hole inner bearing puller with slide hammer.

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    Congratulations brianhw - your Slide Hammer is the Homemade Tool of the Week!

    I took a look through our Slide Hammer Tools and our Vise Grips Tools to make sure this one was Tool of the Week-worthy, and it sure is. We have a nice combo of pullers, punches, vise grip multi-tools, etc. The retaining sleeve method, especially with that ball swivel (I can see that coming in handy in tight confines) seems like a great way to go. Attaches easily, can be used on various vise grips, and does not alter the underlying tool.

    Good builders (or artists or authors or designers or whatever) typically create work that is thematically consistent and identifiable as their creation. This slide hammer is no exception; simple and clever application, short-and-sweet video, and scrap bin composition - it's easily recognizable as a genuine brianhw tool.

    Some more good picks from this week, which again broke our record for most forum pageviews (last set 5 weeks ago):

    Lathe Cross Feed Screw and Nut by rossbotics
    Angle Grinder Mounting Bracket by paulk
    Stamping Jig by dekeros
    Non-Marring Carriage Stop by LMMasterMariner
    Marking Rule by Richard Partos
    Drill Chuck Arbors by mklotz
    Convex T-Slot Clamp by threesixesinarow
    Center Finder Jig by dekeros
    Lathe Countershaft by threesixesinarow

    brianhw - you'll be receiving a $25 online gift card, in your choice of Amazon, PayPal, or bitcoin. Please PM me your current email address and gift card choice and I'll get it sent over right away.

    Here are all 6 of your award-winning tools:

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    What a fantastic tool. You have a great mind for using what is normally thrown out to make such a useful device.

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    I really like the idea that your slide hammer isn't permanently attached so could be used on many different vise grips.
    Thanks for making videos and sharing your ideas!

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    Thank you Brian for sharing your idea. I am eager to make one for myself. I have needed this in the past and will make good use of it. I also like how you made it to disengage from the vise grip so it can be used on any other pliers.

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