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Thread: Vintage Ford machinery - photos

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    Vintage Ford machinery - photos

    Vintage machinery at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan.

    Automatic screw machine, 1875.
    Fullsize image:

    Fullsize image:

    Gear cutter, 1895.
    Fullsize image:

    Pinion cutter, 1892.
    Fullsize image:

    Bridge milling machine, 1890.
    Fullsize image:

    Drill press, 1855.
    Fullsize image:

    Milling machine, 1895.
    Fullsize image:

    Lathe, 1892.
    Fullsize image:

    Metal planer, 1860.
    Fullsize image:

    Fullsize image:

    Milling machine, 1912.
    Fullsize image:

    Gear cutter, 1850.
    Fullsize image:


    High-quality black-and-white photographs of large old machines and tools

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    I believe some of those photos are of patent models which used to be made, and not of the actual machine to make the part. I think that's some of these manufacturing machines.

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    Wow, it's incredible the skill, talent and shear creativity on display.

    And not a single electronic component.
    CNC? nah!

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