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Thread: Wheel barrow handles

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    Wheel barrow handles

    Many years ago I replaced the handles in my old heavy steel wheel barrow by making them out of 1 1/2" sq tubing and welding solid round in the ends this made it heavy but it has worked well for me
    Wheel barrow handles-20180616_130131.jpgxx.jpg
    the other day while walking the wooded area of the property I found another wheel barrow with 1 handle completely rotted off
    It had a good solid tire so that should be worth something but the tub was still solid. Nothing wrong with having 2 barrows I thought.
    So I scavenged some sq tubing from an old weight bench to make the handles out of I didn't bother to add any round to them because I find it unnecessary
    Wheel barrow handles-20180616_124342.jpgxx.jpg
    Wheel barrow handles-20180616_161952.jpgxx.jpg
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