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Thread: Wheel rim straightening machine - GIF

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    Wheel rim straightening machine - GIF

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    How sound is that rim after being bent back?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rgsparber View Post
    How sound is that rim after being bent back?

    Probably not very. But I'm guessing based on geography that it's not high on their list of priorities.

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    I could use something like that to bring the rim back to concentricity with the centre. If I inadvertently run over a substantial "pothole" while I have the tractor on the truck, it doesn't bend the rim, it is likely to push the rim out of true with the hub. Has happened twice so far.

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    While I believe this rim is getting pushed - close - to round again, it has experienced significant metal fatigue from whatever caused it to get all banged up. I suppose if you are unable to replace with a new ROUND SAFE wheel, this process will likely get you rolling again.

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    While I agree that the metal may be weakened to some degree, I would argue it is very much safer than the worn out tire they will most likely mount on it and there is not much high speed driving in those areas.

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    If you notice how rusty the rim is, it is not too much stretch of the imagination that the rim in the video was selected more for a demonstration video to show how well the machine functions rather than one with minor damage causing it to be slightly out or round of radially askew being trued for return to service.
    I have straightened many antique rims for vehicles being restored usually the reasons are because replacement rims of the same vintage or design are like trying to find a forty year old virgin in a brothel. I've also straightened lots of rims for ag vehicles. Neither the vintage vehicles of the ag equipment will ever see any high speed use they just need rims straight enough to hold air or look good.
    I would have no qualms in repurposing an old heavy duty brake drum lathe for the reshaping of rims for the purposes I mentioned but not likely for a transportation vehicle except for a spare rim for emergency use only.
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    yup demon strator wheel. if there are cracks weld them. it would be good for a spair.or a refurbushed wheel on flebay.and probably almost as strong as many aluminum wheels. but that rig could work awesome for most rim insidents.
    ding in car,bashed quater? knock or pull it there a lot of differance? well..that quarter works just fine all ****ed up. the wheel wont. and for many cars that repair would do just fine. Ive had new wheels that were much wobbleyer than that one...expensive ones too.

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