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Thread: Why steel coils are transported upright - GIF

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    Why steel coils are transported upright - GIF

    Why steel coils are transported upright.


    Rolling red hot steel coils - GIF
    Transferring wire rod coils from barge to flatbed - GIF

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    Wouldn't it be nice to, properly, secure the rolls to the bed?

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    I agree, if they're put to bed corectly I think they can be transported safe, well if not they'll be all over the streets.)

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    First time coil haulers often don't make it to their second time hauling if they don't have someone to show them how to properly secure their load. Coil chocks are a must and if a driver doesn't happen to have any most steel companies the 'better ones at least' will quickly fabricate a set for each coil by bending flat bar to have 2 triangles at each end for the coil to sit in then 2 3/8' chains on each 5000 lb coil or 4 chains on the large 10000 lb coils. Slinky 'coiled round bar is another thing. you should have a heavy steel bulkhead on the front of the trailer, but no one has those anymore. My first load of slinky I told the guy I had no idea how to properly secure it he said no problem then showed me how to make a bulkhead out of the front 2 rolls slinky is hauled longitudinally to the trailer with each roil pushed tight against the one in front of the next. the way you make a bulkhead out of the front2 roils is to pass 2 chains through the center hole around a strong piece of dunnage then bring the tail end back and hook all 4 ends to the side rails behind the rolls then start compressing the next rolls against them while passing yet another chain from the front of the load through all holes to the back of the load then throw a strap or chain over the rolls every 6 to 8 feet down the length of the trailer bind everything down the rolls were all sitting on coil chocks. I wound up with a dozen coil chocks made out of 1/4x 3 flat bar and a valuable education.

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