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Thread: Woman busted by shopkeepers while attempting to steal jeans - GIF

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    Woman busted by shopkeepers while attempting to steal jeans - GIF

    Woman busted by shopkeepers while attempting to steal jeans.

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    the right lawyer will have those other 2 girls up on assault charges

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    Obviously not in California where the poor financially challenged shopper would be entitled to take what she wants. This method will do more to discourage theft than our court system does.

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    Depending on which state and how a judge would view the case if charges were brought before him. merely slapping a person around in the way these two other girls did might not necessarily be considered assault, battery maybe. but even that given the circumstances the girl who received the slaps since there was actual video evidence of intent of theft of over a certain $$$ amount she would be in far greater risk of jail time than the two who slapped her. A lot would depend on the language used by the two as to whether or not any counter charges of assault could possibly be levied on them.
    It looked like the would be thief may have had on additional non purchased clothing as well such as the shirt and maybe even the skinny jeans.

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