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Thread: Woman removes large python from home - GIF

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    Woman removes large python from home - GIF

    Woman removes large python from home.

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    Just another day where I live.

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    Very Impressed

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon View Post
    Woman removes large python from home.

    <video controls autoplay loop>
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    Had problems like this when I lived in Singapore but that lady is braaaave!

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    It was quite a long one with a smallish head but still looked like an amathestine python that are reported to go to about 27 or 28 feet but I have seen 2 much longer ones: she was very lucky as they are like boa constrictors and generally wrap around the "remover" and tighten. One in my shed a couple of weeks back could easily take a possum or my 3 1/2 Kg dog & would have been a prob to our 10Kg Jack Russell due to the constricting habits of such snakes when grabbed. I've had one around my accelerator cable much shorter than that one and it just about cut off the circulation in my arm while attempting to remove = the blighter gave me full throttle when I had my foot on the brake not the accelerator.

    A couple of weeks back I was in the shed and disturbed a little guy about 1.2 m or so and the sod knocked over boxes of screws and other gear. I shook my head and went back to the entry and discovered this guy at about 8 or 9 feet. Went and grabbed the camera and he had only moved a metre or so, so I took a pic to remind my other half to keep the small dog inside unless with him. I shot the pic then stroked its back about 1/2 way along and it was like lightning like an eastern brown and disappeared, before I could get another pic.

    Woman removes large python from home - GIF-rsz_dsc_2038.jpg One has to be wary as in springtime especially: they can be aggressive as it is mating season. So like Drew says just another day here.

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