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Thread: Woodworking workbench

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    Woodworking workbench

    This is my workbench. It’s similar to ones in old engravings, but made according to scrap materials I had on hand.

    It’s a lot different than my old Sjoebergs as well as ones I used in school. It took time learning what worked for me on them, and I was able to apply some of those lessons making it.

    The top is made from about fifty pieces of maple that I splined and face glued a few rows at a time, upside down on five or six leveled planks. I used aprons to help resist heavy blows and sagging but angle iron screwed to the bottom probably would’ve been better. The legs are glued up, too.

    I made it with dog holes but only added the end vise recently - otherwise I just use clamps, holdfasts and planing stops. Maybe someday I’ll add a front vise, too.

    Woodworking workbench-wwbench01_newvise.jpg Woodworking workbench-wwbench02_viseinside.jpg

    Woodworking workbench-wwbench03_apart.jpg Woodworking workbench-ae2699e5-e636-4af1-8a10-25a7d33fa427.jpeg
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