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Thread: WooHoo I scored.

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    WooHoo I scored.

    Saw an ad on Craigslist for an oxy/acetylene setup for sale at a reasonable price and I made the trip to check it out this weekend. An old lady was selling it since her husband was gone and she wanted it out of the way. It has full size tanks, a cart, regulators, gauges and hoses (in good condition), an old Craftsman torch with both a cutting head and one welding tip, and a striker. I went by my welding supply today to make certain the tanks were refillable and they inspected them and told me there wouldn't be any problem exchanging them when they're empty (half full right now). And here's the kicker - I bought it for $157. I needed one and didn't have one because they weren't affordable for me, and now I do.

    WooHoo I scored.-oxy-acetylene-rig.jpg

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