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Thread: Workshop vacuum switcher - GIF

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    thats pretty neet, what i did was to run 1.5" pvc through my shop to the machines,lathe, mills, saw I have the drop hoses that rest in a holder that has a rubber flapper that the hose sucks up when places there so no loss in suction when sucking from another station. I thought about using a rubber ball or tennis ball to seal end of hose, but I had the rubber membrane for shower floor tiling and it works great I also used it for my mills way covers.this system quite eazy and works great. the size of your piping needs to just be big enough so you dont get any clogs, but too big will slow the air speed and may not send all the debris to the vac. I use 3 way switch's so I can turn it on from different stations. no need to go elsewhere to switch hose or power. I dont do much wood, mostly aluminum ,steel,iron,brass,some plastics. it all picks up great.( I try not to suck up any long strands, thats asking for...a clog and lost time finding and clearing it.) mine is just a old shop vac I need to glue the joints, just slip them togeather and they stay, nothing to leek.and if needed eazy to take appart for a clog if you happen to get one.
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    great Idea , I do like this form of plywood cutting 3D printing

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