Imagine building your own homemade tools that are higher quality, more customized, and much less expensive than store-bought tools.

Does this sound familiar?

What you need is easy-to-understand tool building plans, detailed examples of homemade tools that people have built, and reliable advice from experienced tool builders.

We can help you start building tools today with our collection of tool building plans, tool building eBooks, tool build guides, and instant access to an active community of experienced homemade tool builders.

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We've been running the world's largest homemade tools website for over seven years. We've indexed over 35,000 homemade tools from more than 2,900 websites. We're known on over 400 different do-it-yourself hobbyist forums. Our forum members have built over 6,000 homemade tools!

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You can join and get access immediately for $5/month, or subscribe for a year and get 35% off at $39/month. These prices are our introductory rates, and they will be increasing.

Monthly: $5/month

Get homemade tool plans, tool build guides, tool eBooks, and more.

Yearly: $39/year

The same as monthly membership, but save 35% when you pay yearly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a tool building beginner, is this site too advanced for me?

If you don't own a screwdriver and a hammer, then you're probably not ready to build your own tools. If you've already built or fixed a few things (and made some mistakes along the way!), then you're ready to start building tools. We can help you build basic woodworking tools like clamps and jigs, basic metalworking tools like sheet metal brakes and metal benders, and plenty of basic hand tools. And then we can show you how to use those tools to work on your projects, and to build more tools.

I'm an expert with decades of experience building tools. Is this site too simple for me?

Our best tool builders have literally centuries of combined experience building tools. Check out some of their profiles to see their work: here, here, here, and here. If you are already building tools at this level of expertise, and you have a website, forum profile, or photos to prove it, contact us, and we'll give you free membership.

Can you help me with modifying existing tools?

Yes, we like to modify existing tools. This generally means making attachments and jigs for existing tools, and also making improvements to store-bought tools.

Will you help with tool reviews for buying new tools?

We do sometimes talk about buying new tools, especially tools that we're going to modify, but no, we don't really review new tools.

Did you write all the tool building plans yourselves?

Instead of just writing a few sets of tool plans ourselves, we created the single largest repository of homemade tool plans from all over the internet. While other sites offer you a single download of one set of tool plans, often for more than the price of one month's membership, we give you access to over 200 different downloadable tool plans from many different tool builders, all organized in one place for easy access. Not only is this the largest collection of tool plans on the internet, but we're constantly adding more tool plans to it.

Are you sponsored by any tool companies?

No, we aren't sponsored by any tool companies. We're an independent online community.

Do I get everything up front?

Yes, you get instant access to everything as soon as you sign up.

What if I don't like the membership?

You can easily cancel your membership at any time.

Do I get anything in the mail?

No, all of our plans collections, eBooks, build guides, and member-only content are digital. You can download all of our content to your computer and save it. If you want paper copies, you're welcome to print anything out.

Are you tired of overpaying for store-bought tools when you just need a little guidance to start building your own custom high-quality tools for your hobbies?

Get plans, tool build guides, tool eBooks, exclusive tool building resources, and expert advice in the world's only community dedicated 100% to building homemade tools. So you can start building your own tools today.

Choose an option below for instant access:

Monthly: $5/month

Get homemade tool plans, tool build guides, tool eBooks, and more.

Yearly: $39/year

The same as monthly membership, but save 35% when you pay yearly.

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