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Thread: Amazing Rust Removal! not really, just Electrolysis

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    Amazing Rust Removal! not really, just Electrolysis

    Rust removal from some large drill bits and Shop Dog Zeke finally gets one of them darn Moles

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    I build similar some years ago.
    To handle longer workpieces I used a rectangular flower pot.
    One should pay attention to the gasses produced.
    Plain water (H2O) would give an HHO gas, which is extremely flammable/explosive.
    I don't know what will be produced with soda in there....?
    Under no circumstances should salt be used as NaCL would dissolve in the water and produce chlorine during the electrolysis..!
    Together with the hydrogen produced on the anode, hydrochloric acid is formed...which is really bad for the health.
    So be aware of what electrolyte you put in there, not everything is suitable for the process.

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