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Homemade Cleaning Tools (331)

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Homemade Cleaning Tools
The homemade cleaning tools category at contains a multitude of useful homemade tools for an enormous variety of cleaning tasks. We have homemade tool builds listed for various washing machines and tools, brushes and mops, scrapers, tank and tub cleaners, vacuum cleaning tools and attachments, derusting tools, blast cleaning tools, tumblers, scrapers, and many specific shop cleanup tools.

For general cleaning tasks, our DIY tool builds include home built washing machines, pressure washers, bicycle-powered washing machines, portable sinks and showers, mop wringers, chamber brushes, motor brushes, power brushes, and scrub drill attachments. If you need a scraping cleaner, our homebuilt cleaning tools include grease scrapers, boot scrapers, and even chainsaw bar scrapers.

For vacuum cleaning jobs, you can find many different builds of homemade vacuum hose adapters, vacuum part hooks, nozzles, vacuum pickup tools, and a variety of different vacuum attachments. We also have builds for unique task-specific vacuums such as leaf vacuums and low-pressure mini vacuums.

Do you want a specialty cleaning tank or tub for a specific cleaning task? We have different builds listed for engine hot tank cleaners, vibratory tubs, degreasing tanks, ultrasonic cleaning tanks, and even taxidermy degreasing setups.

If you need to do powerful blast cleaning, you can find media blasters, vapor blasters, high pressure jetters, soda blasters and blasting tanks, and even pressure washing trailers. If you need to clean a smaller part with a tumbler, you'll find a variety of coin tumblers, ball mills, and task-specific cleaning tumblers.

You may also want a specific homemade tool for cleaning produce or homebrewing. If so, take a look at our builds for fruit washers, vegetable washers, as well as keg washers and bottle washers.

Many people want to build tools for cleaning up around their shops. For shop-built cleaning tools, our listings include swarf catchers and collectors, chuck cleaners, track cleaning tools, airbrush and spray paint gun cleaners, shop sweepers, magnetic pickup tools, file cleaning tools, and even bandsaw wheel brushes.

For more unique DIY cleaning tools, we have numerous different listings for chrome derusters, electrolysis setups, small parts cleaners, drain cleaners, chain cleaners, autoclaves, street sweeping attachments, rain gutter cleaners, and even record cleaning machines.

No matter what you need a cleaning tool for, if you want to build one yourself and save money, you'll find exactly what you need here in the cleaning tools category on


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