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Thread: Does-it-all thread calculator

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    Does-it-all thread calculator

    If you do anything with threads including tapping, forming, or single-pointing, you may appreciate the thread calculator located here...

    UN imperial screw thread calculator

    Put in the basic thread description - major diameter, pitch, series and class - hit the "calculate" button and every conceivable characteristic of the thread appears on the right.

    While you're on the page, be sure to checkout the drop down menus entitled "calculators" and "popup charts" for even more valuable thread-related information.
    Regards, Marv

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    Another one bookmarked
    Thanks again Marv
    The Home Engineer

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    Marv all of these online calculators and engineering books are super handy. Many would be even better if they were downloadable and printable
    One can always do a print screen of a particular page of interest when needed for the times when going online or a view screen is just not practical I guess. But as a hedge against modern technology I'm still trying to rebuild my hard copy library when ever possible. The problem here is I can never replace my foot notes and dog eared text books, or scribbling on the cuffs of my shirts so to speak, like Ole Doc Methuselah from over 50 years of collecting.

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