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Thread: Gears Chucking Tool

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    Gears Chucking Tool

    This tool is needed for workholding of gears in lathe chuck if you need
    to do some machining like boring bigger hole or cutting keyway. It's much
    easier to make it from pipe than to make it from round bar. Still have
    to make 30T gear holder from round bar, as I don't have pipe from which
    I can make it. Plenty free of charge materials as shown in pictures.
    All these gears; 2 x 24 T, 1 x 26 T, 3 x 30T, 1 x 36T, 2 x 45T, 1 x 54T,
    3 x 55T, 3 x 60T, 1 x 70T and 2 x 72T will be used in my present project
    'lathe headstock external gearbox'. Need to bore them for 20 mm shafts and
    to cut 6 mm keyways. Beside the gears I also bought HSS square cutting tools
    (HRC 66 - 69) for cutting keyways, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm, 6 x 6 mm keys,
    oil level sight windows and even balls for shifters handles. Will have the
    following spindle speeds: 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 202, 225, 300, 404, 450, 606,
    675, 808, 900, 1212, 1350, 2423 and 2700, but more about this project once
    completed. In picture 3 is shown tool which I made for machining 44T gear
    which is mounted on my lathe spindle (picture 4).

    Best regards
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Gears Chucking Tool-1.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-2.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-3.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-4.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-5.jpg  

    Gears Chucking Tool-6.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-7.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-8.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-9.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-10.jpg  

    Gears Chucking Tool-00.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-11.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-12.jpg   Gears Chucking Tool-13.jpg  

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