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Thread: Some ideas for heat shrink tube

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    Some ideas for heat shrink tube

    Some ideas for heat shrink tube-20150808_145604.jpg

    a while back I bought some assorted size heat shrink tubing from harbor freight. some of it was much larger diameter than I could use. so I have found it works well for adding pocket could to flashlights and pens that have had the originals snap off or just didn't come with clips. it also works to add keychains or loops to stuff you might want to hang up.

    for all of the above I dipped the object in contact cement or used hot glued to keep the shrink tube from sliding off. for the key chain ends I think the tubingng and clamped the open end in a vise while still hot. then punched a hole in the shrink tube after it cooled. pretty simple cheap idea that could work for a lot of different things so hopefully some one else can use this idea too.

    if anyone else has some uses for heat shrink tube please share as wellSome ideas for heat shrink tube-20150808_145547.jpg

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    Thanks Jere...amazing velcro. I recently used it on the shower curtain rings because I got tired of the SQUEAL every time the curtain moves. Just cut some pieces to length, shrunk'em...and more SQUEALCH. Thanks for the ideas of other uses!
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    Thanks for the tip, jere. Reminds me to put some on my tools, I'm cursed with sweaty hands.


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    Never thought of that application for heat shrink tubing, jere. Thanks for the idea.

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    You know when you lose the aglet of your lace and it frays, then you can't put your shoes on properly, then fall on your face because your laces are all over the place. I don't! I've never had that happen because the very first time I saw heat shrink I went and bought metres long lengths of it. Then went home and fixed the end of all my shoelaces!

    Over the years the only development to this process is now before I carefully shrink the heat shrink I squirt in a few drops of Gorilla brand super glue. This process will even double the lifespan of long boot laces that have frayed from rubbing against metal eyes. Just slide the HS down to cover the fray, and then some, squirt in the glue at either end, do not burn the lace in two... voila! Just make sure the lace is not copmpletely severed though, this process will not 'repair' a lace.

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    if anyone else has some uses for heat shrink tube please share as well

    I've been using some for shoestring aglet replacements.

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    I replaced broken off plastic tips of eyeglass temples [part that rests on ears].
    Lots of shoelace tips too.
    Covered screwdriver shanks, while not suitable for high voltage, made 12v auto work easier.
    Have put short bands on other tools to ID special sizes, especially hex wrenches.
    Put longer tubes, 1 1/2" long or so, on far end of thin machinists scales to help pick them up. In electronic assembly, non-conductive finger cots or gloves made picking up a scale sort of impossible, by 'masking' your finger nail.
    By same token, used heat shrink on fiberglass probes and potentiometer adjusters. Find a hex nut that slip fits on shaft, lock in place with heat shrink.
    Also tried as a spacer on shafts of a import rock tumbler, to keep worn tires in place. Worked so-so, made set screw collars; worked 100%.

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