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Thread: Hey! Machinist from Down Under!

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    Hey! Machinist from Down Under!

    I thought i'd introduce myself. Name is Ryan, Im a qualified machinist. I left the trade well over a year ago, but i still have a passion for machining and machine tools. My first project is going to be the "concrete lathe": The Concrete Lathe Project | MAKE

    Being a machinist, I have an idea how i want things in regards to x and y auto feed, the height of the chuck and an attachment to divide the chuck via worm gear and wheel. Keep an eye out for for my build thread


    P.S. Im also an avid all-grain beer home brewer.

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    Welcome, Ryan! Since there's a homemade non-tool section, I'd like to see you brewing setup!

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    Hi Ryan,


    Lots of great tools and ideas to be found in our Machining category. We're looking forward to your upcoming build thread - bring it on!

    When you're ready to share some of your own homemade tools, we'd love to see them. Please post them directly in the Homemade Tools, subforum. We'll add each one to the database, as well as to your builder page on the site.

    Non-tool items should be shared in the Not a Tool, but Homemade subforum. This is the perfect place to post your brewing setup...


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