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Thread: Not sure what to post? Pick from these 13 post topic ideas!

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    Not sure what to post? Pick from these 13 post topic ideas!

    Want to start a thread, but you don't have a new homemade tool to post right now?

    Try posting one of these starter topics in the Tool Tips and Tricks, General Tool Talk, or Off-Topic subforums.

    1. What's your favorite ___?

    Fill in the blank with a tool or technique of your choice.

    2. Can anyone recommend ___?

    Looking for recommendations on equipment, products, materials, methods, or anything else? Chances are someone here can give you a great recommendation.

    3. What advice would you give to someone who ___?

    Trying something new? Ask people who've already been there.

    4. What's the worst thing that ever happened to you while ___?

    Post this if you want to hear some horror stories!

    5. Can anyone fix ___?

    Looking to fix something specific? Chances are, someone here knows how to fix it.

    6. Which ___ do you most admire?

    Ask about well-known individuals in the DIY world and you may be surprised by what you learn.

    7. Is (x) really better than (y)?

    Do you feel strongly about a hot-button issue, product, or technique? Chances are good that someone out there will have a different opinion.

    8. Who/What are your top five ___?

    You know those "Top Five" posts that we all seem to encounter everywhere online? It's because they're so compellingly irresistible. Here's your opportunity to create your own.

    9. How would you handle (topical issue)?

    Got a thorny problem? Ask away - somebody may have had that same problem before!

    10. What ___ do you use?

    Looking for a benefit comparison on some particular product or service? People are glad to tell you their opinion, but you've got to ask the question first.

    11. Is it ever OK to ___?

    Ethical questions will get ethical responses; be ready for a high level of debate.

    12. What should every newcomer know about ___?

    Looking for basic advice for newbies on a specific topic? Ask skilled experts - they were all once newbies too.

    13. Share your pictures.

    If you've built it and photographed it, chances are excellent that people will want to discuss it.

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