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Thread: Made my engine hoist a little better.

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    Made my engine hoist a little better.

    I didn't like the way the folding legs on my engine hoist tilted back in the up position, so I decided to make a stop so they wouldn't travel so far. The handle also doubles as a handle to move the hoist around the shop. I just welded a small piece of angle iron onto a piece of pipe, then attached it to the bolt that the lift arm pivots on. So, you can put it on or take it off by just undoing one nut. The handles are just $1 rubber handles from a hardware store.

    Made my engine hoist a little better.-img_2715.jpgMade my engine hoist a little better.-img_2716.jpgMade my engine hoist a little better.-img_2717.jpg

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    That does keep the foot print smaller! Good job!

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