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Thread: Portable bandsaw stand

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    Portable bandsaw stand

    The glamour shots, such as they are:
    Portable bandsaw stand-img_3432sm.jpg Portable bandsaw stand-img_3434sm.jpg Portable bandsaw stand-img_3438sm.jpg Portable bandsaw stand-img_3436sm.jpg
    The "bottom" is held by this cradle and is held by 1/4x20 bolts threaded into the handle. The table is bolted to the support arms on the side by 1/4x20 screws as well. They'll all be replaced by wing screws eventually. Probably. I replaced the original table bolts with countersunk ones, so they're still metric.
    Portable bandsaw stand-img_3443sm.jpg
    This cutout-looking part was to clear the saw, mostly during installation into the stand. It didn't have to be this big, but I wanted it be obvious it had been widened.
    Portable bandsaw stand-img_3444sm.jpg
    This curved pad was for the saw to rest against. It turned out to be unnecessary, but it looked purposeful, so I left it.
    Portable bandsaw stand-img_3446sm.jpg
    This shot shows the enwidened part better.
    Portable bandsaw stand-img_2346sm.jpg
    My paint booth:
    Portable bandsaw stand-img_3373sm.jpg
    This photo shows the table I designed the base to fit. I got it from a bandsaw that I inherited from my dad. I modified it to fit the Harbor Freight saw. It's a fairly hard steel, but only 1/8" thick, and it flexed. Also, I realized that the saw could serve as a part of the structure instead of simply sitting within the stand as was my original plan, so I made a new one from a section of a 1/4' steel forklift body. I liked the rolled edge it has.
    Portable bandsaw stand-img_2050sm.jpg
    The tubing is 2" square 1/8 wall. The platform support arms, curved piece and the cutout are all made from 2" 1/8" L-channel. It's leftover from the lathe table. I left the tubing open at the ends so that I could clamp it to surfaces if needed. It would look better with capped ends, but then I'd have to add tabs for the clamps, and they'd spoil the design. It weighs enough that it doesn't have to be fixed into place for most cutting.

    Right now I just clamp the trigger to make it stay on, but I plan to add a lock pin.

    Most of the welds are crap because most of my welds look like crap unless I put effort into them. I scuffed the thing with scotchbrite before painting it, but didn't sand it, primer or even clean it, so you can see all of the scars that the tubing had when I got it. It's a shop tool, and I expect it to get scratched. besides, I hear that chicks dig scars.

    As for the design, I just wanted to do something with triangles. It seemed an appropriate counterpoint to the square tubing and square table. All of the dimensions are multiples of the tubing size or wall thickness. As usual, the colors are inspired by 80s BMX freestyle bikes. In this case, GT

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