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Thread: Scale model working Lombard Steam Log Hauler build

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    Scale model working Lombard Steam Log Hauler build

    crueby on the excellent forum is building a scale model Lombard Steam Log Hauler, here: Chris' Build of Lombard Hauler Engine

    Hat tip to mklotz for suggesting this build when I first posted about the Lombard Steam Log Hauler here: Lombard steam log hauler

    crueby immediately establishes this as a well-researched no-compromise build. For example, the Lombards were tracked in back, and this was a historically important feature - they were the first example of a continuous track used for vehicle propulsion! The tracks incorporated a roller chain under a fixed plate. crueby couldn't find a ready-made version of the correct style of drive chain, in metal, so he committed to fabricating the drive and roller chains.

    The scale is 1"-to-1', which puts the finished model at about 30" in length. This model steam build is a, ahem, "live" thread, and was last updated 36 hours ago.

    Here's a combination of original patent drawings of the Lombard, old photos (note the front wooden doghouse for the steersman; it protected him from the elements, but also allowed him room to jump off of an out-of-control Lombard), and an old track detail photo plus crueby's modern-day scale recreation of the tracks.

    And here's a link to the build thread from again: Chris' Build of Lombard Hauler Engine

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