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Thread: Scale model working Lombard Steam Log Hauler build

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    Scale model working Lombard Steam Log Hauler build

    crueby on the excellent forum is building a scale model Lombard Steam Log Hauler, here: Chris' Build of Lombard Hauler Engine

    Hat tip to mklotz for suggesting this build when I first posted about the Lombard Steam Log Hauler here: Lombard steam log hauler

    crueby immediately establishes this as a well-researched no-compromise build. For example, the Lombards were tracked in back, and this was a historically important feature - they were the first example of a continuous track used for vehicle propulsion! The tracks incorporated a roller chain under a fixed plate. crueby couldn't find a ready-made version of the correct style of drive chain, in metal, so he committed to fabricating the drive and roller chains.

    The scale is 1"-to-1', which puts the finished model at about 30" in length. This model steam build is a, ahem, "live" thread, and was last updated 36 hours ago.

    Here's a combination of original patent drawings of the Lombard, old photos (note the front wooden doghouse for the steersman; it protected him from the elements, but also allowed him room to jump off of an out-of-control Lombard), and an old track detail photo plus crueby's modern-day scale recreation of the tracks.

    And here's a link to the build thread from again: Chris' Build of Lombard Hauler Engine

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    The first photo after the 4 preceding figure drawings, looks like the Steam Log Hauler is being driven by a man sitting on the throne in a ole fashioned "Out House" attached to the front end. Well it needs a quarter moon carved into the side of the out house. He must have had a bowl of chili and a couple burritos for supper last night.

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    DIYSwede's Tools

    "A for effort, finish and dedication."

    Thanks for posting!

    As for building model tracked vehicles, and his thorough research into their different possible propulsion methods,
    I've found this Japanese guy the most persistent:

    Link to 100+ videos of all(?) his different builds:

    The sheer amount of machined track links makes me think this guy's no run-of-the-mill "instant thrill seeker".

    Happy New Year to y'a all!


    PS: He also seem to have a pretty cool cat sharing these particular interests of his,
    "Feline Physics Curriculum. Lesson 168 : The Gyroscopic Effect":

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