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Thread: Shop Assembled Cutter Grinder

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    to make it more versatile you could remove the lead screw and replace it with a hand lever to get that quick transverse.
    Beautiful build

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    Another method of traverse; possibly more common than pfredX1's rack and pinion is a drum/ spool and aircraft/ motorcycle controls type cable.
    Some are plastic coated, and occupy 1 or better 2 full turns around the drum.
    Drum's shaft is lever operated, with transverse rotating handle, nice ones can vary the levers' length. Some 'levers' are crankwheels, I like the inertia of them over a plain lever. Shaft can run bushings or bearings. One end tied to underside of table, a wire clamp is fine. Other is also, but terminates in an extension spring and turnbuckle arrangement; to set lightest possible tension and positive driving traction. Rather like a level wind fishing reel or winch, but physics does the level wind job not a mechanism. As cable pays out and returns both under consistent tension the wire wraps directly against the previous turn. A scored drum is not required.
    Very smooth arrangement whether conventional ways or ball bearing. This allows zero backlash control and quick table movement in X. That will greatly improve finish at right and left edges.
    A small motor will grind, the limitation is amount of crossfeed per pass. A decent 6 x 12 grinder and wheel will grind .003 to .020 deep, depending on material and crossfeed. If you can get finish passes .0005-.001 deep x .150-.200 across, and conventional pass [transit to right] looks like the climb pass [to left] you are losing little to nothing against genuine surface grinders.
    If anyone'd like a drawing I can, but not tonite. I get up for 11 hour shifts at 04:30.

    jjr2001, Email me. I'll prep you on first tooling builds supplementing the grinder...small, convenient, and you'll maximize [or at least elevate] it's potential.

    Post your reply!
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