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Thread: Threaded inserts installing device

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    Threaded inserts installing device

    Installation of type D inserts in wood is like tapping in metalwork; you must be sure to drive the insert perfectly square to the wood, otherwise you can spoil the work (don’t ask how I know this).

    There are several ways to do the trick. This is the procedure I used it in the Multipurpose mini-vise.

    Cut off the head to a 5/16” (or 1/4") bolt, then place a nut and the insert and tighten both. Grab the unthreaded portion of the screw in the chuck of the drill press. Align the device with the pilot hole at work, clamp the work, and then turn the chuck by hand, while applying downward pressure with the drill crank. Once it is fully installed, unlock the nut with a wrench and remove the screw by reversing the rotation of the chuck.

    Threaded inserts installing device-dsc08596.jpg

    Threaded inserts installing device-dsc08597.jpg

    Threaded inserts installing device-dsc08598.jpg

    Time after installing these threaded inserts, I read that it is useful to place a washer between insert and nut, or to use two nuts.

    Regards, morsa.
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    Thanks morsa! We've added your Threaded Insert Installer to our Woodworking category,
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    Thanks for the TIP. I am soon getting ready for my first attempt to install some of these. Good INFO to know. Thanks again.

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    Thanks, RIXRIG.
    There are commercial drivers for installing these threaded inserts (1/4-20 Insert Nut Driver - Lee Valley Tools), but there is no need to pay for it.
    When it is not possible to use the drill press (because of limitation of the swing), there are several jigs that can help:
    Easy Hardware Installation | Woodsmith Tips
    Hardware and installation tips | Page 8 | WOOD Magazine
    Threaded insert jig BLOG - by mafe @ ~ woodworking community

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