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Thread: Throwaway or reusable tools from plastic bottles

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    Throwaway or reusable tools from plastic bottles

    While I detest the use of plastic in trucks or heavy equipment can't say much about cars O don't own or drive them.
    However I have come to really like plastic bottles for many reasons they are infinitely reusable both in their original form and modified. One 2 liter plastic drink bottle can become 2 very inexpensive yet valueable tools with 1 simple cut. turning it into both a funnel and a dipping container or a fluids transport delivery device. Most of the time I will toss them in a recycle bin when I am through using them but sometimes I might reuse the same one for weeks before it is so fouled or bent up it is easier to grab the old always in my trousers pocket knife and cut a new one.Throwaway or reusable tools from plastic bottles-20160807_151623c.jpg Throwaway or reusable tools from plastic bottles-20160808_104142c.jpg Throwaway or reusable tools from plastic bottles-20160808_104151c.jpg
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