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Thread: Compressor vacuum pump

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    Compressor vacuum pump

    I recently decided that my 1993 F350 diesel crew cab pickup needed to have air-conditioning. No real reason after all to me 4 windows down with the wing vents open @ 75 MPH is not bad even if the outside temp climbs to 100. My wife on the other hand refuses to ride in it during the heat of the day. She is becoming a real wuss since I put A in my 85 Toyota pickup last month. Well H had to infringe on a friend to help me charge the system on the Toyota since I didn't have a vacuum pump. I hate to ask someone to do something for me that I should do for my self so I dug up a non working deep freeze and removed the compressor. I plugged it in and it made pressure at 1 tube and vacuum at the other. Great just as it should be next I cut the fitting off of an empty 134A tank and silver brazed it in place, next what to do with the contraption. Mount it on a board like everyone else does with a carry handle so it just looks like an old compressor motor sitting on the shelf or put it in it's own container like an old tool box that could be placed in a cabinet along with dozens of other similar boxes to protect the contents?
    Plastic tool box to the rescue I found an empty one that I had considered hucking into the recyclables that was the perfect size to hold not only the pump but my gauges and hoses as well making a somewhat neater package than just have them hanging on a nail
    Compressor vacuum pump-20160810_132706c.jpg Compressor vacuum pump-20160810_151151c.jpg Compressor vacuum pump-20160810_152233c.jpg Compressor vacuum pump-20160810_165454c.jpg
    Pulls a 30 hg vacuum on the gauge and hose in secondsCompressor vacuum pump-20160810_165114c.jpg Compressor vacuum pump-20160810_165735c.jpg

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