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Homemade Farm and Garden Tools's farm and garden category offers many different ideas and solutions for creating homebuilt tools to tackle a wide variety of tasks around the farm and garden. Our builds include ideas for various different kinds of farm machines, tractor accessories, planting and harvesting tools, and many more.

Do you need to make a DIY tool for some planting or harvesting tasks? Our shopbuilt planting and harvesting tools include many options for planting or harvesting many crops, including cherry hooks, walnut pickers, weed pullers and grubbers, soil scrapers, disc weeders and other weeding tools, soil scrapers, planting spades, and grain threshers. We also have many ideas for seed drills, seed cutters, seed screens, vibrating seeders, vacuum seeders, root vegetable washers, honey extractors, corn shellers, and dibblers.

Maybe you're looking to build a farming machine for handling a specific task? If so, check out our ideas for farm machines, including well drilling rigs, chicken pluckers, mulchers, corn grinders, milking machines, egg washers, hay bale presses, apple grinders and presses, chippers, sprayers, powered wheelbarrows, compost tumblers, mini diggers, leaf vacuums, straw balers, irrigators, and root grinders.

Many of our most popular homemade farm and garden tools include various different accessories and modifications for tractors. Some of these are completely separate tools such as standard tractors, tractor loaders, and walk-behind tractors. We also have many different pull-behind tractor tools like rakes, water pipe laying attachments, potato planters, cultipackers, pull-behind mowers, rollers, leveling drags, rollers, box scrapers, leveling drags, and harrows.

Looking for an attachment or modification for your tractor? We have numerous different ideas you can use to accessorize your tractor for your latest job. Take a look at our 3-point jaws, gooseneck-mounted hay spears, fence wire unrollers, jin poles, 3-point hitch carriers, tractor lifting arms, post hole diggers, hydraulic grapple claws, manure forks, trenchers, bucket forks, brush hogs, post pounders, stalk stompers, and root buckets.

No matter what kind of DIY tool you need to make for your latest farming or gardening job, you'll find a great design for it right here in the farm and garden category on


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