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Thread: 1/2" drive large screwdriver

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    1/2" drive large screwdriver

    Years ago I had several of these that I had bought well today I called half a dozen tool outlets and none of them stocked anything near to the size I needed.
    So first off locate a suitable USA made doner socket
    1/2" drive large screwdriver-dscf7122c.jpg
    Next was to cut away everything that I didn't need and grind any rust from the build area using my chop saw.
    1/2" drive large screwdriver-dscf7123c.jpg
    Next was to locate a sacrificial object to protect the 1/2" drive. I found a small thin square nut for this.
    1/2" drive large screwdriver-dscf7124c.jpg
    Next was to use my mig welder like a 3d printer LOL
    1/2" drive large screwdriver-dscf7125c.jpg
    after quenching the weldement was too hard to be file cut. So it was my hands and the chop saw that became the tooling grinder
    1/2" drive large screwdriver-dscf7126c.jpg 1/2" drive large screwdriver-dscf7127c.jpg
    it worked great in the very confined area. I had to use a hand held impact driver and a 4 lb hammer to break the plug valves loose but about 20 minutes swing the hammer as hard s I could the plugs finally came loose
    1/2" drive large screwdriver-dscf7128c.jpg
    1/2" drive large screwdriver-dscf7129c.jpg

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