This is the second of two video segments about applying fiberglass to the hull using polyester resin.

In this segment, I apply fiberglass cloth to the hull in small sections that are just large enough for me to work by myself before the resin clicks off. This method is called “postage stamping.” After the entire hull has been covered in fiberglass cloth and the resin has set up, I go around the hull and cut out any wrinkles or air bubbles in the glass cloth and go back over those areas with small pieces of glass cloth (scraps) and resin. Afterwards, I trim away any excess fiberglass cloth overhanging the hull.

The final step is mixing wax additive in with the laminating resin. This turns the resin into “finishing resin” and will allow the resin to fully cure to a hard surface. I then coat the entire hull with the finishing resin. At this point, the fiberglass of the hull is complete. The hull is then ready for sanding, fairing, and will then receive two coats of epoxy resin as a barrier coat, rather than using gelcoat.

Note: The “fairing” will be limited to a “rough,” workboat like finish. It will not receive a yacht like finish, and this is my personal choice. I simply do not wish to put that much time and effort into the finish when there are so many other more important (to me) jobs ahead that must be accomplished before the cold weather sets in here in Maine.

Here's the video: