The keel is made up of an inner keel (keelson) and an outer keel – with the plywood bottom panels “sandwiched” between them. In this video, I install the outer keel (a 16’long 2x4) with marine adhesive in a tube and screws. I trim the ends where the slightly overhang the hull, and install the false stem (a strip of red oak). The stem is beveled on each side initially on the table saw and cut just a little wider than necessary. Once the false stem is installed with thickened epoxy and screw, it is ground down flush with the surrounding surfaces.

Finally, I mixed a batch of “schmoo” (epoxy resin and micro-balloons mixed to a thick, peanut butter consistency) and filled any gaps and countersunk screw holes in the false stem and keel. Not shown is the final sanding of the cured schmoo and 2 coats of epoxy resin over both components.

Note: The “fairing” is limited to a “rough,” workboat like finish. It will not receive a yacht like finish, and this is my personal choice. I simply do not wish to put that much time and effort into the finish when there are so many other more important (to me) jobs ahead that must be accomplished before the cold weather sets in here in Maine.

Here's the video: