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Thread: 1922 Goodyear transit bus - photo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank S View Post
    Well Mark I will gladly assume all responsibilities in causing you Tm51 and others to delve into any information rabbit holes I can. The same as I do myself when someone posts a thing which I never knew I had an interest in until I began researching that topic. I put myself halfway through college by challenging the final exam up front While I was in the Army. After I had completed my first 12 hours of remote campus studies, I learned I could challenge the exams for 1/3 the cost of the course, if I achieved and 80 percent or better score our professor would offer me an assistant's position to teach one or more of the courses I was paid twice the amount of what the course would have cost for me to take. It got to the point instead of him only being able to offer 2 or possibly 3 courses per 8-week period together we would do 4 to 6 courses. Some of the courses I instructed almost entirely without his presence were Automotive steering systems, Brakes, Chassis and alignment, automatic transmissions, Body and paint, and automotive electrical systems and charging. I basically taught 2 or 3 nights per week while he taught the other 3, on his 3 I attended the courses he was teaching this allowed me to carry nearly triple the hours I would have otherwise been able to accomplish in the same amount of time due to being compensated for helping out.
    If you thought just attending college was hard try having to take the final cold on the spot without any possibility of prior study then try and teach that subject at a level acceptable to the college's standards. One thing you'll do though is absorb 10 times more from doing it that way than ever sitting in a lecture hall or working projects in the shop or lab as a student.
    Sounds like what I did for my math upgrade in 1999. Challenge the exam and see what I don't know. I zoomed through it rather quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwmkravchenko View Post
    Your not quite old enough ! Terrible I know. I'm 53. If I can help in Carpentry no problem. The codes are different in Canada versus the USA. We have to build to snow loads similar to the northern states.
    Way old enough! Lol, was very popular that age. . .

    I'll work on clear descriptions and photos. Frank S gets plenty mileage on his shop build, having brickwork instead will make new thread least partially as interesting. The focus and capabilities are very different, that's for sure.

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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwmkravchenko View Post
    Sounds like what I did for my math upgrade in 1999. Challenge the exam and see what I don't know. I zoomed through it rather quickly.
    Hey, it was a way like you said to find out what you didn't know, if you did well enough then you saved a lot of time if not just take the course at least yuo know what to expect

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