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Thread: 2 easy to make angle grinder adapters

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    2 easy to make angle grinder adapters

    Today I have 2 easy to make accessories you can make for pennies to get more use out of your angle grinder.

    First up is a screw on adapter to fit a small drill chuck. Made from a threaded rod coupler nut that I cut in half, it has 5/8-11 threads that fit the grinder (most grinders have that thread size) and a fine thread bolt welded into the other end that fits my particular drill chuck. (one from an old dead H.F. drill I had lying around)

    Second is another adapter made from the other half of that coupler nut (lol) that has a 1/4 inch center hole with set screw. I made this for these Twist Lock style sanding pads but this adapter will fit any tool with a 1/4 inch shank. (drum sanders also work great) Shown is a 3 inch sanding wheel but these come in various sizes from 1 inch to about 4 or 5 inches. With the speed of the grinder, these work nice! Very aggressive with the 40 grit shown or switch to a finer grit when needed.

    Another nice thing to have around is the Harbor Freight router speed controller nearby for those jobs where you would like to cut down on the speed. (unless your grinder already has variable speed) I found this works great with a pipe sander/grinder I recently made. It made the tool much more manageable and easier to handle.

    Tip: I hear a house hold light dimmer switch can also be used as a speed controller.

    2 easy to make angle grinder adapters-g1.jpg2 easy to make angle grinder adapters-g2.jpg2 easy to make angle grinder adapters-g3.jpg2 easy to make angle grinder adapters-g4.jpg2 easy to make angle grinder adapters-g5.jpg2 easy to make angle grinder adapters-g6.jpg2 easy to make angle grinder adapters-g7.jpg
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