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Thread: 2x72 Belt grinder

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    2x72 Belt grinder

    I am in the process of assembling a 2" x 72" belt grinder. I started a new hobby, knife making. I needed something bigger and better than my 2" x 42" belt sander. I purchased a basic frame. Then I got the new motor and VFD, and 2 of the 4 wheels needed for the grinder. I have assembled everything up to know. I have test run the motor with the 5" drive wheel successfully. Here is the belt grinder so far.
    2x72 Belt grinder-gib-2.0-almost-done.jpg

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    Looks good! I see you are using a gas shock as your tensioner, I have heard good and bad about that arraignment. The good is that they give an equal tension over their range, the bad, that they can be slow to react when using the slack belt they take a little time to catch up when you release the pressure on the belt.
    Look forward to hearing how it works for you!

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    Interesting design, seems to me that the shock tensioner would be slow to react especially when cold
    but not seeing how it acts in person I could be wrong.
    Are you making a platen assembly also ?
    Working up this new mini farm of mine has taken away most of my toy building time of late so my
    grinder is on the back burner for now......Let us know how it works for you...........

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    I have seen several with the shock tensioner & the owners love them. Could you put up some more pictures of different views. I am looking to make or buy a 2" X 72" in the near future to grind straight razors & a few knives.
    Great looking belt grinder!


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