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Thread: 3-axis clamp

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    3-axis clamp

    Borring rainy sunday afternoon
    so I decideed to use it to finish my clamp
    something I started
    prepared parts for assembling and put it on hold

    3-axis clamp-20160306_140502.jpg

    so,here's a start
    all parts on the table,even more then necesary
    and,unavoidable cup of coffe

    the base is 100x100 mm L-profile (4x4 inch) which has been milled to take out radius in the angle
    and 15 mm thick peace of sheet 200x200 mm
    3-axis clamp-20160306_140510.jpg

    I left hanges to cool out while I was driiling wholes and tapping threads
    I decided to fit all joints by bolts
    to avoid aany distosions that could be caused by welding,to keep it square

    3-axis clamp-20160306_153942.jpg

    3-axis clamp-20160306_153659.jpg

    3-axis clamp-20160306_153647.jpg

    3-axis clamp-20160306_185252.jpg

    3-axis clamp-20160306_194236.jpg

    3-axis clamp-20160306_194247.jpg

    3-axis clamp-20160306_194329.jpg

    3-axis clamp-20160306_194337.jpg

    3-axis clamp-20160306_194632.jpg

    as the psotos say to you
    then I was drilling wholes and fitting stuff an I forgot to take more photos step by step
    for down lock I used a 20 mm thread with peace of 40x40 mm box cut under 45 degrees
    for uper lock it's a 16 mm thread
    right hine has pin that easily goes in and out for easier unlocking

    and that's it
    I'd like to see your comments here

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    Thanks Pat! We've added your 3 Axis Clamp to our Clamps category, as well as to your builder page: bmr27's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I was intrigued by the title of your project. Now that I see what it is I need to use you ideas. I have a cast iron 90 degree corner vise but was wondering how to add the vertical element. Thanks to you I see where I need go. Keep up the good thinkering.


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    hy guys

    I'm glad lots of you have seen my work
    as always,when the job is done you see where you did wrong and what improvements could be made
    so the next one is going to be even better

    see you soon with some new stuff

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    Nice design and I like the stick shift knob for the bottom clamping screw.


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